Get That Summer Style Ready With up to 24% off Select Ray-Bans

Captain America and Black Widow rock Aviators, you can too

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Up 24% off Select Ray-Bans | Amazon
Up 24% off Select Ray-Bans | Amazon
Graphic: Sheilah Villari

Up 24% off Select Ray-Bans | Amazon

Nothing is more classic American style than a pair of Ray-Bans, be they Aviators or Wayfarer. Nothing adds an effortless touch of cool to an outfit like a great pair of sunglasses. This is the time to elevate you and your style to chic with a pair from this iconic brand. Grab up to 24% off their most popular pairs.

If they’re good enough for the Commander in Chief... Aviators are timeless and classy up your look. Even a few of the Avengers like Captain America and Black Widow have rocked these. In fact, I grabbed a pair in the last sale for a Natasha cosplay, and they are still a go-to.

The Clubmasters are pretty epic as well. I feel like I can only every picture Leonardo DiCaprio in these. It really seems like he’s worn these in all of his period piece movies. These are slick and never seem to go out of fashion. There are also ten color/polarization options to pick from.

My first and favorite pair of Ray-Bans were Wayfairs. The black on black is perfect for blocking the sun and photographers’ snaps. This is probably why they are the preferred celebrity sunglasses when facing the paparazzi. I usually sleep with these on when I’m on planes; no light is seeking in. They just exude “too cool for you.” There are also a ton of sizes and color options available.

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