Gather 'Round the (Smokeless) Fire With a Rare Deal On BioLite's FirePit

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BioLite FirePit | $170 | Huckberry | $220 with solar cover

If BioLite knows one thing well, it’s fire. While the company is best known for its wood-burning, phone-charging CampStove, its larger FirePit was a Kickstarter sensation a couple of years ago, and Huckberry’s got it for a rare 15% off today.

Utilizing electric convection fans that both stoke the flames and reduce smoke, the FirePit will be the most pleasant camp fire you’ve ever sat around, and won’t make your clothes smell like a Vegas casino. Its mesh sidewalls even let you see the embers burning at the bottom of the pit, which you’d never get to gaze at in a normal fire pit (and they are ENCHANTING). But perhaps best of all, an included grill grate lets you turn it into an on-the-go hibachi grill. Just add meat.

Normally $200, the FirePit is on sale for $170, or $220 with an included travel cover which has an integrated solar panel that charges the FirePit’s batteries.