Your Top Five Picks For Best Women's Deodorant

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Your nominations for best women’s deodorant made for some great discussion. Now we’ve got our top five and it’s time to find a winner.

Looking for men’s deodorant instead?


Old Spice

Most popular variant: Wild Collection Wolfthorn

Yep it’s for men, and I don’t care because it’s amazing. It’s huge, cheap, available everywhere (and in travel sizes), it doesn’t leave white marks on my clothes or pits, and it works really well even though it’s not an antiperspirant. - shamerie


Secret Invisible Solid

I’m someone who’s really tried to go the non-anti-perspirant route, even though research on the safety of antiperspirants is pretty up in the air tbh, but when it’s not the dead of winter I just can’t do it. I hate having visible sweat on my clothes, smelly or otherwise.

That being said, when I’m sick of dealing with overpriced “natural” deodorants, this is what I keep coming back to:

  • It smells good, but in a super low-key way. It smells good the way being freshly showered smells good. It’s not trying to be perfume, which is great.
  • It’s cheap as heck (you can get a four pack on amazon for $10 right now)
  • It works, plain and simple

It’s a truly invisible solid, and I only have trouble with white marks when I’m wiggling my way into tight black shirts. And those come right off with water, so it’s no biggie.

So like, all respect to people who want to avoid antiperspirants. Do you. But if you need something more than a deodorizer, there’s no reason to waste your money on anything else. - Rachel Feltman


Dove Go Sleeveless

I like the Beauty Finish scent best, but it’s been discontinued recently. But the chamomile is OK, too. I have sensitive skin, and this deodorant has really cut back on the amount of razor burn/underarm irritation that I get. - ForgotMyLastPassword



Secret Clinical Strength Sport Fresh

I’m a big fan of the Secret Clinical SPECIFICALLY AND ONLY in the Sport Fresh scent. It works really well and smells actually clean—not powdery, but not overly masculine either. - LandThePlane


Arm and Hammer Essentials

THIS. My SO and I both ended up using this, totally independently and both love it. The scent is super mild and it is incredibly effective. I was also having issues with sweat stains on white tops and this has totally eliminated it. - Tiffany