Your Top Five Picks For Best Sunscreen

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You lathered on the nominations and we’ve screened the five most popular options for protecting your skin from the sun. Now it’s time to vote.

Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry-Touch

... Then I found Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch sunscreen. It is in fact both sheer and dry, and it allows me to touch my face without feeling disgusted with myself. I used it daily for years... A bottle of Neutrogena might set you back slightly more than a drugstore store brand, but it is worth it. I’m a big fan of store brands for almost everything, but I’ve found that generic “dry touch” sunscreens are just not as dry. And even if it’s a couple extra bucks, it’s still way less than the designer-y sunblocks magazines often recommend. - Anna North


La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid

It is totally weightless and sinks into skin (women can wear under makeup and men can wear without feeling like they have anything on). And it works like no other—I never get any sun on my face at all. Even on sunny Spring ski trips where the rest of my crew arrived to aprés-ski with sunburnt faces. Me? Perfectly protected. - olivianewtonjohn



Consumer Reports says that No-Ad is the only inexpensive brand that really works... Some of the high-end stuff actually blocked the sun, but No-Ad was the only decent low-cost brand. - JRW

I’m also a soulless ginger and I also recommend no-ad. - imatworkdarnit2


Clarins UV PLUS HP Day Screen

It sits really well under makeup and is long lasting. I haven’t even gotten any new freckles since I started wearing this. - ziggybloodlust

YAS!! The Clarins UV plus + HP is why I actually wear sunscreen every single day. It’s soo light and easy to apply, leaves you non-greasy and is super comfortable to wear alone or under make-up. - bumblemumble


Bull Frog

... but it feels disgusting. You’ll never burn but you’ll feel like you just took a bath in crude oil. - M_Boston

It’s definitely kind of weird. But a good coating of this stuff PRIOR to going outside is like wearing a shirt for a couple hours. Even after swimming. - kingfish247