Your Top Five Picks For Best Gaming Keyboard (2015)

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Even while being blinded by all the RGB lighting in your best gaming keyboard nominations, we managed to type up the top five. Now it’s time to find a winner.

Corsair K/Strafe Series

[K95] pretty much has it all. Cherry keys, macros, high quality media controls, endless support for lighting profiles, and it’s built like a tank. I do wish Corsair would deep six their new terrible logo, but as it has no impact on fuctionality I can live with it. It’s expensive at $170, but you get what you pay for. - Nillaz

Any color to any key. (the LED is a RGB led, so one LED with R,G &B elements in it. I also have this keyboard and I love it. You can also animate the whole keyboard. Old video of me messing around, you can do way more than this. -Dayne Putnam


Logitech G710/G710+

Still loving my G710+. The USB pass-through is a particularly convenient feature. Perhaps the biggest drawback for some is that it looks too doesn’t have 3 different neon colors, it’s just black, gray, some orange highlights, and white light. It doesn’t look like a gaming peripheral, which is one of the reasons I like it. - Phyrre567


Razer BlackWidow Chroma Series

Has great macro software along with cross compatibility with other Razer hardware like a Naga Mouse [Co-Op]. Combine that with configurable backlighting, 5 extra macro buttons and adding custom mechanical key switches (that with the stealth edition isn’t so bad on the ears) and you get my go to keyboard for gaming and one I bet would be yours too! Its also really pretty when it lights up with a music visualizer. - TheTechPunk



WASD keyboards allow the buyer to customize their OS, layout, key colors, sound dampeners, text color, switch type, and more.


Logitech G910 Orion Spark

I just want to say that the romer-g mechanical keys are absolutely fantastic on it. Not to mention that the shape of the keys makes a huge difference when it comes to precision. - BadassNoor

I have this and love it. The auto profile switching and custom key lights were the selling point for me and it works perfectly. - JoshuaSachs