Every Face Mask Should Come With Its Own Spatula

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There is nothing more annoying than falling in love with a face mask and then ruining it by plunging your fingers into it. CROP figured out that all you need to do is include a spatula in the package.

The Australian-based natural skin care line figured out that the best way to apply any creamy face mask is with a rubber, reusable spatula. And what better way to entice people to buy their masks than to include one in the box? Their Hydrating Aloe Vera Mask has a gooey, gel-like consistency that would slide off your fingers like Instagram Slime, but it grips the spatula easily and spreads like jelly you want to put on your face.

At $30, it’s an insanely well-priced mask, especially after using it a couple times after coming home from a Mexican vacation with a sunburnt face. It smells like a cocktail (in a good way) and it’s immediately soothing, without being greasy like sunburn aftercare lotion usually is. The brand also has a Purifying Turmeric Mask and Detoxifying Charcoal Mask that both include their own spatulas as well.


I packed a one-two-three punch of hydration onto my skin by using their Hydrating Sheet Mask and the Mineral Spring Water Mist, which felt so completely extra that I fell in love immediately. They also nailed the strength of the mist, which feels like a soft fog instead of an alarming spray.

CROP understands the UX of skin care, something more brands should take note of.