Create a Look Worthy of the Bayside Tigers Thanks to Wet n Wild's Saved by the Bell Collection, Now BOGO 50% off

When I wake up in the morning and the alarm gives out a warning just toss on some Bayside Cheerleading Mascara.

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Saved by the Bell Makeup Collection BOGO 50% off | Ulta

All my 90's babies, it’s time to grab your Bayside High duffle and scurry to class; the Saved by the Bell makeup collection is here from Wet n Wild. Ulta is letting you grab one piece from this collection and get the next for 50% off for the rest of the week.

It’s time to impress the Zack Morris in your life with this eye shadow palette, lip plumpers, setting spray, blush, and mascara. Whether you’re headed to rehearsals for Romeo & Juliet or running to band practice for Zack Attack, look your retro best. Catch the eye of every wrestler and every nerd.

The Squad Goals Palette has fifteen bold shades to get you ready for a night out at the Max! Each is pigmented and easy to blend, whether it’s a neutral matte or a glistening shimmer.

Let’s perfect that plucker and get those lips ready to be locked with jocks, preppies, and geeks. There are three Bayside Beasties Lip Plumping Kits to represent each of the gals. Each gloss totally vibes with the girl’s personalities, too: Jesse (mauve), Lisa (red), and Kelly (Pink).

I’m actually a big fan of Wet n Wild’s setting sprays as a great budget option and have kept their Spongebob one in my rotation. I’m not sure why it’s named “Wanna Wrestle?” but if it’s anything like their others, it’ll definitely keep everything in its place. Lock in the look and get ready to be so excited and so scared.

You can also grab the whole set with all twelve pieces, including the adorable full-sized makeup bag featuring the iconic doodles from the intro to the show. This whole box will also ship for free.