Co-op: What Are the Best PC Gaming Monitors?

Finding the right PC monitor can be stressful. We want to know what you picked and how you like it.

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Now it doesn’t matter how suped up you went with your custom PC built if you’re still just using that 10-year-old monitor of yours. If you went and got yourself a great motherboard, CPU, graphics card, SSDs, and whatnot, none of that will really matter if your display only has an upper limit matching that of a graphing calculator. Gaming monitors have a lot of specs to consider from their size, shape, refresh rate, resolution, and more—and what’s most important to you might not be a big deal for someone else. Also, as always, you need to balance all of that against its price.

I myself am a big fan of the LG 27 Inch Ultragear (27GL83A-B). This is a 144Hz monitor with Nvidia G-Sync compatibility and a beautiful color array. My old monitor has been reduced to a secondary display and I’m considering at this point just buying a second of the Ultragear just so the colors match precisely. It’s only 1440p as opposed to 4K, but that was the spec I was willing to sacrifice to keep the price down. It’s still a beautiful image and at this size, that resolution jump is almost negligible—at least in comparison to the difference had I sacrificed on something else.

But that’s all just my opinion. There are plenty of PC gamers out there, all with their own hot take on the matter. So that’s why we want to know ... What in your mind is the best PC gaming monitor? But first, some quick rules.

1) Your nomination should contain the name of a specific PC monitor model, what you like about it, a link where it can be purchased, and an image.

2) You can nominate multiple monitors, but please put each one in a separate comment or reply on Twitter.

3) Vote by starring someone else’s comment or liking someone else’s Twitter reply.