Clean Your Horrific AirPods With This 40% Off AirPod Cleaning Pen

Revitalize your earwax-encrusted AirPods for just $15.

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AirPod Cleaning Pen | $15 | StackSocial
AirPod Cleaning Pen | $15 | StackSocial
Graphic: Wes Davis

AirPod Cleaning Pen | $15 | StackSocial

Take a look at your AirPods. I know you don’t want to, just go with me here. They’re horrifying, aren’t they? Yes, so are mine. But, friend, you no longer need to move them from your ears to the case as quickly as possible to prevent anyone seeing them when you buy the AirPod Cleaning Pen over at StackSocial for just $15, marked down $9 from its usual $24 price. It’s not just a pokey thing—the cleaning pen has three parts: the metal tip lets you scrape out the encrusted bits from the precision-molded corners of your case and around the speaker grill, while a sponge allows you to get down into the charging hole to clean the contacts. A small, fine-bristle brush portion will allow you to brush away debris so you don’t have to damage the speaker trying to scrape it off with the pokey bit.

While these tools are designed to clean the AirPods specifically, you can use them put them to use just as well on your phone or any other headphones you might have lying around—the guy in the pictures is cleaning his pristine AirPods knockoffs, after all. This deal is ending on 4/28/2022, so act fast to get this specialized tool at its sale price.

This deal was originally published by Wes Davis on 3/8/2022 and updated by Sophy Ziss on 4/25/2022 with new information.