Become the Vacation Guy of Your Dreams With $23 Short Sleeve Button-Up Shirts at JACHS NY

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. This men’s summer staple is 70% off in a variety of colors and styles.

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Short Sleeve Button-Up Shirts | $23-$25 | JACHS NY
Short Sleeve Button-Up Shirts | $23-$25 | JACHS NY

Short Sleeve Button-Up Shirts | $23-$25 | JACHS NY

There’s a new type of guy out there, and I’m one of them. Ever since I acquired a set of shorts and shirts from JACHS NY’s last sale, I have become Vacation Guy. Because when you’re sitting on a Zoom call in an elaborate Aloha button-up, nothing can kill the vibe. Not even your boss.

Me? I bought this navy floral print and literally wore it last week on a trip to Rhode Island, where I gleefully logged off from my devices, took in the fresh salty air, and enjoyed a much-needed escape following a life-altering global pandemic. The shirt ensured I did so in style. Now you, too, can catch some rays while also catching enamored looks from eligible beachgoers.

While these short sleeve button-ups would normally set you back up to $89, for a limited time you can pick out your own starting at just $23 using the promo code SSB. With plenty of designs to choose from, you can finally bring out the Vacation Guy that was within you all along. Powerful stuff.