The Best Standing Desk Riser Deal We've Ever Seen Is Only Available Today

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Update: Sold out

So you want to try a standing desk, but you’re not ready to commit to it for eight hours a day...what do you do? You buy a discounted monitor riser, and sit or stand whenever you feel like it. Just don’t be too smug about it.

These risers arrive fully assembled, and just sit on top of your existing desk. Put your monitor(s) on the top shelf, your keyboard and mouse on the bottom, and use the integrated spring system to raise the entire setup from a sitting to standing position within seconds. I own a very similar product from Varidesk (which was much more expensive, by the way), and I absolutely love it.

The ED-600 has enough space on top for two large monitors, and a spacious keyboard and mouse area below for ideal ergonomics. $110 is a whopping $60 less than usual, the best price ever, and the best deal we’ve ever seen on any standing desk riser. Just note that it’s only available today.