Become a More Chill Sleeper with BedJet

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While trying to get my hands on a bFan to test (I still haven’t), I came across BedJet. On a basic level, a bedside product that circulates air to prevent overheating in the middle of the night will be a must-own for many people, but there’s a lot going on under these sheets.

The BedJet V2 sits under or alongside your bed (there’s a vertical stand if your platform is too low), and runs an expandable pipe for pushing air. BedJet recommends placement near the foot of your bed, preferably along the sides, but really you can put it wherever you want. As a very hot sleeper, it makes me anxious just to think about it, but BedJet does heating as well as pushing room temperature air. Obviously the colder the room is, the more effective BedJet will be at cooling you down. It’s also an essential oil diffuser!

BedJet works standalone as well as with a proprietary sheet, and can work in conjunction with a second BedJet for independent temperature regulation on each side of the bed. That sheet, the AirComforter, improves performance by helping to distribute the air, and rings up at a whopping $160 for a king-sized option. It’s heavy and kind of shiny and slick, and trading in the embarrassment of riches that is direct-to-consumer bedding for this would be a hard pill to swallow.


BedJet also includes the worst remote I’ve ever used. Unresponsive, hideous, impossible to use in the dark with its symmetry and no tactile distinction between buttons, and packing some shitty type of not rechargeable battery no one’s ever seen before. The app (which I’m surprised exists) is hilariously just a photo of the awful remote for you to click on, and even more unresponsive, though at least a phone is useable in the dark. All in all it’s a workshop on how not to do user interface.

But yes, BedJet works. Air speed can be adjusted in 5% increments, the whole thing is pretty quiet unless you really crank it (which will inflate your sheets anyway if you do), and even a small amount of added air circulation will allow many hot sleepers to sleep under their preferred weight of blankets without issue. My electric bill routinely triples in the summer when I have to crank my HVAC to sleep, so in my case and in many others, BedJet will quickly pay for itself.


BedJet isn’t a perfect product, but if you’re a hot sleeper, it’s a game-changer. Especially if you only need one side of the bed cooled down, I’d recommend giving it a shot without the AirComforter first.