Because the Best Gift Is a Car That Starts, Anker's Compact Jump Starters Are On Sale For the Holidays

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It is my genuine and deeply held belief that a miniature car jump starter is one of the most thoughtful holiday gifts someone can give. Some day, somewhere, it’ll get your giftee out of a tricky situation, and they’ll remember that it was you—thoughtful, intelligent you—that saved them with your foresight and generosity.

Both Anker’s 800A Pro jump starter (promo code ROAVR320) and its smaller 400A model (code ROAVR310) are on sale today for some of the best prices we’ve seen. The former can start basically any gas engine (up to 6L), while the latter is much smaller, but can only be trusted to jump cars with 3L engines or smaller. These being Anker products, they both include high speed USB ports for phones and such as well, plus built-in flashlights so you can see under the hood, even at night.