Save $30 on Beats Studio Buds and Get Active Noise Canceling and 8 Hour Battery

This is a great price on Apple's most Android-compatible wireless earbuds.

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Beats Studio Buds | $120 | Amazon
Beats Studio Buds | $120 | Amazon
Graphic: Wes Davis

Beats Studio Buds | $120 | Amazon

If you love a lot about Apple AirPods Pro, but you don’t like the style, want a color other than white, or you just don’t want to pay as much, Beats Studio Buds are perhaps the perfect alternative, and they’re on sale for $30 off at Amazon right now.

If you’re not sure what Beats Studio Buds are, allow me to crash course you: back in 2014, Apple bought Beats and started cramming Apple tech into them. Beats Studio Buds, for their part, share much in common with AirPods Pro, with seamless iOS device connection, transparency mode and active noise cancellation, but they’re also more compatible with Android devices, featuring an app that lets you customize controls and listening modes—things you can’t do with a set of AirPods on an Android. Also unlike AirPods, the Beats earbuds come in colors! However, you won’t get Apple’s H1 or W1 chips with these, so if you’re an iOS user, you will miss out on automatic device switching, but frankly, depending on your level of patience with tech, you might actually see that as a feature (it doesn’t always work as well as intended, in my personal experience). Finally, they last almost twice as long as the AirPods Pro, with up to 8 hours of listening time on a charge outside of their case, which boosts them up to 24 hours. They don’t tend to last too long at this price when they hit it, so if you’ve been waiting for a sale, now is the time.

This article was originally published by Wes Davis on 11/29/2021, and was updated on 3/22/2022.