Be Your Own Nasty Woman With Adornia's Lariat Necklace

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A lot of people are turning to consumerism to help cope with their anxiety about where the world is headed, by either purchasing awesome things made by awesome artists, or donating money to orgs that need help. In the interest of time (that you’ll probably get paid 20% less for), the Nasty Lariat Necklace from Adornia can help you do both, and it’s also badass.

The NYC-based jewelry company, and its founder Moran Amir, felt that something needed to be done, and that adding this necklace to their Loriat line was the next logical step. On top of being a gorgeous piece of jewelry, each necklace sold donates 10% to Planned Parenthood, an organization that will be in need of a lot of help during the Trump reign and one that deserves everyone’s, not just womens’, attention.

The necklace is adjustable in the front (just pull the N down as long as you want), making it super easy to wear, and it comes in four different materials. So go ahead and get a little nasty with your jewelry.