Away's Putting Totes on the Map With New Latitude and Longitude Bags

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The Latitude and Longitude Totes, $245
The Latitude and Longitude Totes, $245
Image: Away

We’ve unpacked Away’s luggage offerings extensively, but now, the travel brand is looking to become a go-to in the world of totes. Today, Away launched two leather bags, The Latitude and The Longitude—both of which are more than capable of carrying your stuff, whether you’re jetting off somewhere exotic or just looking to class up your commute.

As the names imply, The Latitude is a wider bag well suited to carrying a 15-inch laptop, while The Longitude is taller, yet still able to hold a 13-inch laptop. Both of these unisex bags are made from premium leather, and come in four attractive colors that just so happen to look nice atop the brand’s well-known Carry-on: Black, Pine, Buff, and Ruby.


Perhaps the totes’ most exciting detail is an exterior strap that allows you to easily attach the bag to any suitcase. If the strap isn’t in use, the metal clasps can be tucked into a subtle, tiny pocket in the bag’s seam, which features a magnetic closure. It also features a magnetic top closure and a detachable interior zip pouch with a slip pocket and key clip strap.

Like pretty much everything else Away makes, the totes look super sleek. The only downside? They each cost $245—that’s the same price as The Bigger Carry-on! So we really wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to roll on out of here, tote-less.