Away Mini Is Baby

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The Mini | Away
The Mini | Away
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Away’s Mini was last seen during the holiday season, and now, it’s back once again to make your travel experience (or the travel experience of someone you need to get a gift for, ie: your mom) that much more adorable. Because, you know, it’s so smol.

This teeny tiny Away suitcase is specifically for your toiletries, or any other small essentials. Like The Carry On, it features a polycarbonate shell in one of eight colors, and it has an interior mesh pocket so all your stuff doesn’t jumble around too much.


At $35, it’s probably one of the pricier dopp kits you’ll ever own, but also, one of the cutest—especially when paired with its full-size counterpart. Just be sure to get one soon; The Mini is only back for a limited time, and who knows when it will make another reappearance.