Save Up to $12 on Anker's Ridiculously Popular Flashlights

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Anker, producer of a lot of your favorite charging gear, has its own line of flashlights now, and two different models are on sale today.

The cheaper LC40 model is IP65 dust and water resistant, but actually doesn’t include a rechargeable battery. However, you can run it on three AAAs or a single rechargeable 18650 battery, which is cheap and easy to find.

The next step up is far brighter (1300 lumens vs. 400), IP67 rated (meaning you can use it submerged in shallow water) and includes a rechargeable battery and a microUSB port for charging. Basically, it’s the only flashlight you need. $48 is $12 less than usual, and within $2 of the best deal we’ve ever seen.

Don’t forget, lots of other Anker products, including charging cables, battery packs, and even string lights are still on sale for Valentine’s Day, and you can find all of the discounts here.

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