Your Sims Deserve Low Latency LG Gaming Monitors for Up to $197 Off

Several LG UltraGear gaming monitors are on sale at Amazon right now.

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LG 27" 27GL83A-B QHD Gaming Monitor | $280 | Amazon
LG 34" WFHD Curved Gaming Monitor | $400 | Amazon
LG 32" 32GP850-B QHD Gaming Monitor | $403 | Amazon

You probably need a better monitor, and this LG sale at Amazon has you covered. Take this 27" QHD monitor for $100 off: it has a 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and supports Nvidia G-Sync for smooth, no-tear gaming. Or you could surround your head with this 34" curved gaming monitor, marked down $50 right now at $400. This monitor features a 144Hz refresh rate, 21:9 ultrawide aspect ratio giving you just that extra bit of peripheral vision to really immerse you in the game. If you prefer a flat monitor but 27 inches just ain’t enough for you, perhaps this 32" number for $197 off will wet your whistle! A 165Hz-max variable refresh rate and AMD FreeSync Premium compatibility makes this monitor a luxurious treat for your eyeballs, and HDR10 support will give them movie dessert between marathon gaming sessions. Is movie dessert even a good thing to type? Anyway, you get what I’m going for here, I think. Good monitors, less money, end of deal post.

Well okay actually it’s not the end of the deal post because I forgot to mention that if you go to that link at the top of the last paragraph, you’ll see other monitors, some not actually on sale, but worth perusing, especially if you really wanna rain some clams on LG and find out what an over-$1,000 monitor is like. It’s probably really good, but I’ll never know.