Your Pick For Best Paring Knife: Wusthof Classic

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The Wusthof Classic paring knife skinned the competition alive in the nomination round to take home the title of your favorite paring knife.

Here’s what some of you had to say:

I came to recommend this same knife. I bought my mom a set for Mother’s Day a long time ago, ands had one of them break in the dishwasher, and she contacted Wusthof and they sent her a brand new one. She wasn’t expecting that she only wanted to order a replacement since they had special limited red handle inserts. They were part of a special holiday set. After that experience I had to buy Wusthof knives for myself. They are also really good knifes. - Assassin_Kensei

I rarely use anything besides a rotation of chef’s knives, but when I do it is usually this little bugger. Nice weight in the hand, blade has a good taper, not too thin, not too fat. At $40 it is an OK value and nice to have around. - TheFreeLance


If $40's a little too rich for your blood, many of you also nominated the Victorinox’s Fibrox paring knife. Its handle is small and ugly, but the blade is sharp, and it costs less than $10.