Your Favorite LED Desk Lamps Have Rare Discounts Today

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Anker’s Lumos desk lamps are our readers’ favorites, and two of the most high end models have rare discounts today.

The Lumos E1 is essentially the platonic ideal of the typical tabletop LED desk lamp. You get five different color temperatures (which can actually improve your productivity), six dimming levels, and even two USB charging ports to power your gadgets. Just use code J2I5MZ4H at checkout to save $9.

If that’s not quite what you’re looking for, the Lumos E2 is a completely different animal. Rather than sitting on top of your desk, it clamps to the back, and includes a rotating base, a double-hinged arm, and a swiveling head for maximum adjustability. Unfortunately, there are no USB ports here, but you do still get four different color temperatures. Promo code OXQ486R7 will knock off $15 at checkout, while supplies last.

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