Your Favorite Candle Brand: Bath & Body Works

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So, before I start this, I’d like to say I was bamboozled. Crumble Co, while it was the winner with the most votes and a very cool company, doesn’t actually make candles. They’re wax melts. So, it can’t win. But followed closely behind, and makers of actual, wick-having candles, is Bath & Body Works.

They have many sub-brands, like White Barn and Aromatherapy and limited time holiday-only exclusives. They are generally in the $22-25 range but BBW often have sales throughout the year for $15, $13 and $10. And then early November, they historically have had a Three Wick $8 blow-out sale which is the best time to stock up and the lowest price I’ve ever seen.

I’m not obsessed in the least. - Molly O’Poverty

Yup, these babies get my vote. Nope, not addictive. Not addictive at all until you run low.... - Our Lady in Virginia

I have tried many many candles over the years and B&BW three wick are the only ones (aside from certain Yankee candle scents) that emotionally fulfill me. - PollSVP