Your Dishes Deserve a Decent Looking Drying Rack, So Grab This One While It's $15 Off

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The simplehuman Stainless Steel Dish Rack with Swivel Spout, $65 at Amazon, addresses all of the dish-drying issues that I can’t believe we’re still facing in 2018. And besides being functional, it’s also not totally hideous to look at, which is a plus for any countertop fixture.

It features a rack that holds up to four wine glasses, extendable drip trays to catch water, a swiveling spout to drain said water into the sink, and hydrophilic coating to speed up the whole process and prevent ugly residue buildup. The utensil organizer is also a nice touch.

So, yeah. No longer are putting them up wet and looking at them in an ugly pile by the sink your only options for post-wash dish treatment. It’s about time.