You Need to Step Up Your Video Conferencing Backdrop Game

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Photo: Jesus Hilario H. (Unsplash)

Your home workspace is a mess. Here’s how to replace your background in a professional video conference call.

Once you’ve accounted for 1) your health and safety, and 2) the health and safety of those you love, you can feel okay about moving onto less pressing issues.

Such as? Your telework backdrop.

That’s right. Our team has been working from home long enough to now start obsessing over the little things, like what the space behind us looks like on Zoom calls. Assuming you’re not one of those people using the pre-loaded backdrops (my brother keeps popping up on our family check-ins from Wisconsin with the Eiffel tower behind him), you might consider using this WFH time to upgrade your WFH space.

With a few small design tweaks, you could be the bell of the conference call ball! Below, check out three home office upgrade project ideas for creating a sophisticated wall space:

Decorate Your Bookshelves

Whether you’re posted up in front of floating shelves, built-in shelving, or a wall unit, there’s always room for style improvement.


When it comes to decorating a bookshelf, founder and principal designer at Hyphen & Co Shelly Lynch-Sparks says, less is more.

“It’s great to stack books both vertically and horizontally, and to use sculptural objects on your shelves. Ceramic bowls, vases, small picture frames, and funky book ends are great examples of things you can use.”

But don’t go overboard. “Just remember,” Lynch-Sparks adds, “negative space is your friend.”


Create a New Kind of Gallery Wall

“It’s time to reinvent gallery walls,” says Lynch-Sparks. Instead of the traditional mix of framed pieces, consider a more modern approach. “I think they are cool with objects, not just frames. We did a project recently that mixed mounted sculptures, art, even arrows.”


Another way to create a more inspired gallery wall? “Try five of the same sized frames in one row. It can create a look that’s stronger than a bunch of frames thrown up haphazardly.”

One affordable way to turn this creative vision into reality? Framebridge offers an under $50 “Instagram frame” option for turning your social media feed into instant home decor.

Paint an Accent Wall

Another option? Create a pop of color (designers love a good pop of color) behind you with an accent wall. Whether you go bold or more subdued is up to you.


Nicole Gibbins, interior decorator and founder of direct-to-consumer paint company Clare, says, “There are a couple of different approaches you can take to incorporate colors into your space with ease. One approach is to go vibrant on the walls and then keep your main furnishings fairly neutral. The other is to go neutral on your walls and incorporate lots of bold, bright colors through furnishings and accessories - from your upholstery, rugs and curtains to pillows, throws and artwork.”

After all, what else do you have to do right now? This is literally the perfect time for an activity that involves “watching paint dry.”