Yahaha! You Found a Zelda: Breath of the Wild Nintendo Switch Case for $11!

Take a midnight ride on Epona every time you look at your Switch.

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PowerA Zelda: Breath of the Wild Midnight Ride Case for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite | $11 | Amazon

It’s time to stop tossing your expensive Nintendo Switch into your purse or backpack every time you head to a friend’s for a MarioKart sesh. Treating your poor baby like that will probably result in Joy-Con drift happening a lot faster, plus you could get some dust or scratches in places you don’t want them. Instead, opt for a PowerA case, fit with inlays to keep your Switch snug no matter which model you have and a handle so you don’t have to awkwardly grip the Switch by one end. This design—an artistic rendition of Link riding Epona and Zelda waiting in the night, all in the style of Breath of the Wild—is discounted 44% today. Don’t miss out!