Woot's Refurbished Apple Sale Is Here For Bargain-Hunting iPad and Mac Owners

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Apple Refurb Sale | Woot
Apple Refurb Sale | Woot
Graphic: Shep McAllister

As they’re wont to do from time to time, Woot’s blowing out a bunch of refurbished Apple gear today, and the prices are pretty terrific.

Inside, you’ll find 2017 iPad Pros (64GB only, unfortunately) for $400 (10.5") and $530 (12.9"), both of which are Apple-refurbished, and come with a standard Apple warranty. New iPads are expected to come out soon, and these are already a couple of generations old, but the prices are terrific.

You can also save big on 2017 (the most recent and, sadly, final iteration) 12" MacBook. 256GB versions are available both with ($870) and without ($760) Apple warranties, and the 512GB version with a faster processor is also on sale for $950. For my money, that’s the route I’d go: the faster processor really does make a difference with this machine.