Woot Wants You To Get Outside With a Week's Worth of Great Deals

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Woot Outdoor Week Sales
Woot Outdoor Week Sales
Photo: Scott Goodwill (Unsplash)

You might still think of Woot as the one day, one deal site, but they’re trying something different this week with a ton of excellent deals to help you enjoy your time outdoors.

The deals are divided into different themes, like camping essentials, bikes & accessories, and sunglasses, and it wouldn’t be a Woot sale without a bunch of funny, on-theme t-shirts. You can find the full list of sale pages here, and they’re all worth a look, but we wanted to highlight a few of our favorite individual deals.

This lantern packs down to basically nothing, and is designed to hang off the side of your backpack during the day to absorb the sunlight. At night, with a few puffs of air, it transforms into a versatile camp light. Just note that this model can’t also recharge your phone, it’s only a light.

Luminoodle’s rope lights are the ultimate camp lights. You can drape them over tree branches, hang them from your tent, or just stuff them in the included translucent bag and use them as a lantern. They’re USB-powered, so as long as you’ve got a charged battery pack, you’ve got light.

These aren’t strictly outdoor items, but they’re great nonetheless. Lock Laces replace your existing shoe laces, and provide just enough elastic stretch to transform any pair of shoes into slip-ons.

Your phone can be a great GPS, distance tracker, and speedometer for your bike, but you need a good way to mount it to your handlebars. Aduro’s popular U-Grip Plus will keep it secure...just try not to crash.

If you don’t have space to store or transport a “real” stand-up paddleboard, this inflatable version from Ten Toes performs nearly as well, and can roll up to fit in a closet, or the truck of a sedan. They’re great exercise, a fun way to explore the water, and when you get tired, you can even lay out on one to get some sun away from other people.