With This Crayola Gold Box, You'll Be Simply Having a Colorful Christmastime

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Here’s a little Christmas tip from one busy parent to another: A reup of the Crayola essentials every year is an easy gift that you know will land. There’s nothing like a fresh pack of crayons to encourage creativity, and a new box feels luxurious (without costing much!) when you’ve been using flat nubs and broken pieces for a few months.

Amazon currently has Crayola markers, crayons, colored pencils, and more on sale, starting at just $6, so you can start this colorful tradition this year if you order soon. (Everyone on your list grown? That’s cool, hand lettering sets and fancy adult coloring materials are also in the mix.) You can go as messy as slime supplies or as pristine as a Color Wonder kit with markers that work only on special paper —it’s up to you and what kind of holiday you hope to have.