What's Your Favorite Non-Crunchy Hairspray?

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Illustration by Tara Jacoby
Illustration by Tara Jacoby

Hairspray is an oft debated topic. There are those that stick to the classic, Ozone depleting (but much beloved) cans of aerosol we watched our mom’s spray on our prom hairdo’s. And then there are those that are looking for the next, best innovations to the spray that makes hair stay in places you never thought it could.

Even Trump has an opinion about what makes the best spray (hint: it’s whatever makes his hair defy all laws of nature but still somehow allows him to be a walking, talking, Cheeto). But I need something new, something good. Something that when I actually spend the time to curl my hair, I actually end the night looking like a put some effort into it.

1) Your nomination should contain:

  • The specific name of the product, not just a brand or series. Why you think this item is the best. A link where the item can be purchased. An image of the item.

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