How To Correctly Pack When You’re Going On A Long Flight

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Being on an airplane is a less than comfortable experience, especially when your flight is very long. Seats are often cramped and uncomfortable, there isn’t ever a good place to lean your head when you want to sleep, there are lots of noises that you have no control over, the entertainment and food could always be better, and you’re pretty much stuck in one spot for hours on end. It’s enough to make even the most relaxed among us go a little stir-crazy.

While it’s hard to make a very long flight cozy and enjoyable without shelling out thousands of dollars for a first-class seat, it’s certainly not impossible to improve the experience a bit. There are certain things you can pack in your carry-on or personal bag that will keep you as comfortable as possible for the entire flight... or at least most of it. While some might sound a little high-maintenance, you’ll probably thank yourself for bringing them later on. Here are a few things you should pack for every long flight.