What Are the Best Video Games to Play While Listening to a Podcast or Audiobook?

We look to our readers to decide on the best games to play while listening to something else

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Everyone is different, but for me, I find it so discomforting to just listen to a podcast. I find it difficult to keep my attention on podcasts or audiobooks when it’s the only input I have stimulating me. My mind will start to wander, or I will take out my phone to start browsing Twitter. At which point, I’m not hearing any of the words being spoken to me from those speakers. So, I find myself catching up on my audio entertainment while simultaneously engaging in separate, not too mentally demanding activities. I’ll listen when I drive. I’ll listen when I go for a run. When I’m tidying the house, planting flowers in the garden—these are all perfect podcast activities for me.

Another perfect podcast activity is none other than, you guessed it, video games. Be it an open-world, or a racing game, or an open-world racing game—there are a lot of great games where you can just sort run on autopilot while you focus on that new episode of Not Another D&D Podcast or the next chapter of Rhythm of War. Some genres and games are certainly better than others. A game with a lot of dialogue/reading involved may not be suitable. For me at least, but hey, maybe it is for you! And that’s what I want to know. Lately, for me, Hades has been exactly this, but I don’t recommend doing so until you’ve fully beaten the story and you’re pretty much a hundred runs in already. It’d be a sin to ignore all of that incredible vocal performances when just getting started.

So what games do you find best for listening to podcasts or audiobooks? Tell us in the comments!

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