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Welcome to Kinja Deals, a new take on the traditional deals site that brings together the Commerce Team's deal curation, the latest and best product review from our Editorial staffs, and the usability and conversation features of the Kinja platform.

Rather than getting fatigued after a year of covering the best deals the Internet has to offer, we've taken your thousands of responses to practice, and really come to understand the elements of fun and discovery that deals coverage can bring. We love doing this for you, and we're thrilled at the new opportunities Kinja Deals offers us to expand our coverage and allow you be a greater part of the process.

You're probably already familiar with at least one of our regular deals segments, where we highlight a selection of deals that feel at home on one of Gawker's eight main sites. Quality will be the only filter on Kinja Deals- quality of product, quality of discount, and quality of customer experience with the retailer. All the best deals will be here.

In the spirit of Kinja and of a deals site, we want your participation. Find a great deal that we missed? Comment it in. Even better, if you've got a great money-saving tip or you just want to write a great deals post of your own, do it, send it to us, and we'll share the best of them to our main page.

In the interest of full disclosure, if you take advantage of a discount we list, we sometimes get a small share of the sale.

We can't wait to find the best deals for you, and with you.


The Commerce Team welcomes you to Kinja Deals, our new dedicated deals site. We operate independently of Editorial to bring you the best bargains every day, share our favorite products with you, and ask you about yours. When you buy something we recommend, we may also get a small share of the sale. We welcome your questions and want your feedback.