We Found Them! Amazon's Prime Day Tile Deals Are the Best We've Ever Seen.

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Prime Day Tile Sale | Amazon
Prime Day Tile Sale | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Can never find your keys? Always losing your wallet in the couch cushions? Never put the dog leash in the same place twice? Tile is the answer to all your woes, especially now that you can replace the battery yourself.

Amazon just kicked off a Prime Day sale on a variety of Tile trackers, including the new Tile Mate with replaceable battery for an all-time low $15, or a louder, longer-range Tile Pro for just $4 more. I bought my first Tile (the Mate) myself a few months ago, and was pleasantly surprised to realize that by pushing the button on the Tile, I can make my phone ring if I’ve lost it (but haven’t lost my keys). It’s kind of like getting two device finders for the price of one.

The sale also includes a bunch of multi-packs, as well as the bigger, thinner Tile Slim, which is designed for wallets, but doesn’t feature a replaceable battery.