Want a Bug Free Home but Are an Animal Lover? Get These Safe Critter Catchers for $18

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Critter Catchers - Spider and Insect Catcher | $18 | SideDeal

Have you ever been caught off guard by a spider crawling across the counter or a bug on your bathroom mirror? The gut instinct for a lot of people to smoosh it and get it out of the way. Are you’re a kinder, gentler soul who wouldn’t hurt, well, a fly? The Critter Catcher is just what you need to help protect you and the creatures who might wander into your home. Two are only $18 and are a humane way to rid your environment of creepy crawlers.

The long handle allows you to get within a range not to scare the bug away but instead slowly and gently enclose it in the soft bristles. It won’t be able to scurry away and gives you enough time to place them outside safely. Release your new many-legged pal easily back to its outdoor abode without harm. These are 100% eco-friendly and chemical-free for those environmentally concerned with big hearts. And best yet, it’s simple enough for children, parents, and grandparents to use.

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