Use Your Instant Pot Two Nights in a Row By Buying an Extra Pot On Sale

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You probably already own an Instant Pot, but today’s a great opportunity to save on an extra inner cooking pot, so you can use your appliance two nights in a row without washing dishes.

Yes, it’s a little thing, but it’ll make your kitchen experience meaningfully better. Spare pots don’t go on sale very often—the last discount we saw from its usual $30 was on Prime Day, and before that, January—so if you think you might want one, don’t miss out. Just be sure to clip the 5% coupon on the page to maximize your savings (though it’s a good deal even without the coupon)

Owning a second pot also means that you can use your pots as leftover containers, without transferring to another container. You’ll want one of these tight-fitting silicone lids though.