Upgrade Your Emulation Experience With a $17 Wireless SNES Controller

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Update: Sold out

Our readers have purchased tens of thousands of retro USB SNES controllers over the years, but today, you have a great chance to upgrade to a wireless model.

The 8Bitdo SCF30 is a fully-functional SNES controller clone that can connect to just about any device via Bluetooth or a wireless USB dongle, meaning you can put it to good use no matter what you’re using to emulate your favorite games. Note: The product description says this will work with iOS, but from what I can tell, that’s only on jailbroken devices.

To get the deal, you’ll have to enter the code GizmodoAliexpresscode on this page, create an account, and then enter the code again after that (I know, but bear with me). That’ll get you $7 off your first $15 order from the site, which brings the controller down to $17, or less than half what you’d pay on Amazon.