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Until Keys Don't Exist, Keyport Has Some Great Solutions

You might be using Apple Pay where you can and carrying a minimalist wallet, but your keys are still a problem. Smart locks are getting better, but are far from ubiquitous (and none are currently compatible with my front door). For the medium term, enter Keyport.

The Keyport Pivot is a key organizer with an ecosystem of optional extras. Throw your keys and fobs on the Pivot, and then fill it out with accessories like a knife and/or flashlight, or save by grabbing a bundle. Other options include a multitool, pen, Bluetooth locator, and flash drive.


The Pivot isn’t alone on the ring. Colleagues have been using the Keysmart on and off for years now, and Shep just wrote about Orbitkey, so Keysmart took things a step further...

The Keyport Slide uses proprietary blades to fully house your keys and whatever tools you choose in its sliding enclosure. The same set of accessories from the Pivot are available here, and the Slide makes for cleaner lines in your pocket and less random metal to scratch whatever its sharing space with. However, the initial setup is not so smooth.

  1. Take pictures of your keys and send them to Keyport.
  2. Keyport matches your keys to the appropriate blades and mails those blades to you.
  3. Take blades to locksmith to get them cut to match your keys.
  4. ???
  5. Unlock doors.

I assumed, perhaps foolishly, that I was going to either send photos or actual keys to Keyport, and find a box with a fully built and cut Keyport Slide in the mailroom a few days later.


If you’re carrying around a multitool or knife anyway, using a product like Keyport or Orbitkey to combine those with your keys can save a lot of pocket real estate. On the other hand, if you just have one or two keys, you should probably just find a wallet to phone case they’ll fit in.

The Keyport Slide is certainly the coolest key organization solution of the bunch, while Orbitkey wins on looks. Let us know in the comments what you get locked in to.


Editor Emeritus, The Inventory

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