Unleash Your End of Summer Look With Three Shirts for the Price of One at JACHS NY

Tee shirts, polos, and henleys are buy two get one free in the first tri-blend blowout sale of its kind.

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B2G1 Free Shirts | $59 | JACHS NY | Promo Code 3TB
B2G1 Free Shirts | $59 | JACHS NY | Promo Code 3TB
Graphic: JACHS NY

B2G1 Free Shirts | $59 | JACHS NY | Promo Code 3TB

Summer is almost over, but the heat doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. I googled “weather” on my phone yesterday, as I often do to check the temps, and was greeted by a whole new section of news from The New York Times on climate change and wildfires—neat! To help prepare yourself for the uncertain forecasts of the future, JACHS NY is offering a triple-threat deal on short-sleeve shirts of all kinds that is unprecedented in the history of the company’s sales. For the usual price of one knit ($59), you can snap up two more off the virtual shelf using the promo code 3TB at checkout.

This deal extends to a wide range of tri-blend shirts including some of the brand’s best-selling tee shirts, henleys, and polos. You can’t go wrong with the classics, and in classic JACHS NY style, these vintage items are timeless. This red-striped linen tee, for instance, is simple yet suave, with a front pocket sized to fit all your favorite pens (or to hang your sunglasses if you’re too cool for handwriting notes). The blue heathered polo is as suitable for the office as it is for the golf course. And a gray three-button henley is the staple item you need for those colorful patterned pants you have nothing to match with.

Shop the whole collection on the JACHS NY site, and take home what would have cost you almost $200 for a fraction of the price. As with most JACHS deals, the discount is only active through the end of the week, so you’ll want to jump on it sooner rather than later to take full advantage of the savings.