Turn Your 2022 Resolutions Into Reality with 3 Free Months of WW (Weight Watchers Reimagined)

There's never been a better time to enroll in WW to lose the weight you want and invest in a healthier you—Just ask real members like Karleen.

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WW is a wellness company meant to help you achieve positive, lasting change. You might know WW by its previous name, Weight Watchers, but the program is so much more than weight loss. After all, the core of WW is sustainability. It’s not a temporary fix; it’s an investment in your long-term health. Just ask the members themselves: “[It] doesn’t feel like a diet to me,” says WW partner and member Karleen, “It actually feels like a lifestyle change.” And when’s a better time than the start of a new year to make a lifestyle change? Right now, WW is offering three free months with select memberships. With multiple plans that can be customized to suit your individual goals and needs, WW’s New PersonalPoints™ Program is here to help you kick off 2022 on a healthy note.

WW encourages healthier habits for real life. That’s why WW’s unique PersonalPoint Program is individualized to you. Or, as Karleen describes it, this new program “factors in who you are as an individual, and it’s given you a bit more flexibility in what you can eat throughout the day.” By looking at calories and complex nutrition data together, the system establishes a PersonalPoints Budget that makes sense for you, along with a ZeroPoint™ foods list customized to your favorite foods, which makes the experience not just more rewarding, but more likely to stick. Not every WW member likes the same foods, has the same goals, or has the same lifestyle, so no two PersonalPoints plans will look exactly alike.

It’s this signature personalization that makes embracing a more mindful, healthier lifestyle feel easier—and even more enjoyable—on WW than just trying it out on your own. The app’s program “holds you accountable,” Karleen agrees. Plus, by doing tasks as simple as eating vegetables, working out, or drinking water, you can add Points to your overall balance. There aren’t “good” or “bad” foods since judgment isn’t WW’s thing. Instead, WW works to help you develop more mindful ways of interacting with food and fitness over the long term. Karleen lost 30 lbs.* over her journey thanks to WW, and says that joining “Just kind of kick-started things for me, and I have not looked back.” (*People following the WW program can expect to lose 1-2lbs per week.)

More than anything else, WW wants to meet you where you are. Do you typically prefer to work at your own pace? You may want to explore the Digital plan. Designed for primarily self-guided journeys, the Digital program offers in-app food and activity trackers, on-demand workouts, over 10,000 recipes, and more. That’s in addition to the community support and 24/7 live coaching. If you need a little boost to keep you on track, Digital 360 offers everything that comes with a Digital plan and is topped off with live demos (cooking and fitness!) as well as specialized WW coaches. Karleen describes the app as not just “super-easy,” but “foolproof” too. In her experience, “the app does all the work for you,” making it “very simple” to stay on track (and maintain it). How simple is very simple? The app is “amazing,” per Karleen, “Your points are at the top of the app, like any search bar on any search engine. You type in what you’re eating, what you’re doing,” and WW takes it from there.


If you sign up for one of WW’s signature plans between January 1 and February 5, 2022, you’ll receive 3 additional months to the program of your choice for free. That’s 3 extra months of your personalized wellness journey designed to suit your needs. WW (and Karleen herself!) can’t wait to see you there.