Try HelloFresh and Get 57% Off Your First Delivery

New subscribers save over $50 and get free shipping on their first box of fresh, healthy food.

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It’s America’s number-one meal kit for a reason.
It’s America’s number-one meal kit for a reason.
Graphic: Elise Caplan

Is your bank account hurting from groceries that sit in the refrigerator while you order takeout? Gotta be honest — ours, too. Now imagine you can get four meals for two people per week, delivered to your door, for less than $40. That’s the amazing deal on offer now for new subscribers with HelloFresh. That’s a 57% markdown, and it includes free shipping. Not a bad way to try out America’s number-one meal kit.

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HelloFresh dominates this space for a reason — they revolutionized the way people cook by taking the hassle out of grocery shopping and ingredient prep, allowing you to customize your subscription to suit your needs and preferences. When you sign up, you’re guaranteed delicious meals full of fresh, pre-portioned ingredients that make cooking enjoyable again. And with 40 weekly recipes and more than 100 seasonal and convenience items, it’s hard to beat HelloFresh for variety and quality. Readers who have never tried a subscription before — now is your chance to join in and get your first box of eight meals for under $40 by clicking any link in this article.