Tropicfeel Made a Water Shoe That You'll Actually Want to Wear As a Sneaker

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With over $2,000,000 raised from over 26,000 backers, Tropfeel’s Monsoon Travel Sneaker was the most popular shoe in Kickstarter history just about a year ago. Now, they’re back with a new and improved version, the Canyon, and you can save by preordering.

The Canyon is a travel shoe that’s designed to be worn everywhere, and they do mean everywhere. You can swim in them thanks to their quick-drying and breathable mesh design. You can hike in them with confidence, thanks to the rugged outsole. And yes, you can wear them around town, because they just look like normal sneakers, with the exception of the laces. The elevator pitch is that instead of packing multiple shoes when you travel, you only have to bring these, and unless you’re planning on going to a very fancy dinner, that’s probably not hyperbole.

Let’s talk about those laces. They’re elastic, and you hold them tight by sliding some non-slip knots down towards the upper, until they fit correctly. You can still tie them if you’d like to make it look less like you have antennas coming out of your shoes, but you don’t have to. A nice fringe benefit of the stretchy laces, along with the elasticized upper, is that you can slip the Canyons on like a sock, which should be the goal of any shoe, in my opinion.


The Canyon has already raised over $1,000,000 with 41 days to go, and Earlybird preorders are still available as of this writing for €69, or about $77.