Treat Your Teeth to the Best Entry-Level Sonicare Deal Ever

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When it comes to inexpensive Sonicares, you basically have three choices.

  • The Sonicare Essence, which uses E-series brush heads, which only really come in one style. You can frequently get it for $20.
  • The Essence+, which has the same barebones feature set, but works with Sonicare’s entire line of brush heads. It’s often available for $25 with coupons.
  • The 2 Series, which is basically the same as the Essence+, but it comes with a travel charger instead of a bulkier charging base. On sale, you can often get it for $30.

Today though, the 2 Series is down to $20 for the first time, matching the best price we’ve ever seen on any Sonicare, and a no-brainer compared to the similarly-priced Essence. Just be sure to clip the $10 coupon to get the deal.