Travelpro's Lightest Suitcases Are Especially Light On Your Wallet Today

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Travelpro’s Maxlite luggage series just keeps getting lighter. The Maxlite 3 was a reader favorite the last time we did a carry-on luggage poll, and the new Maxlite 5s are even easier on the scales.

Light checked luggage makes sense, but why, you might ask, should you care what your carry-on weighs? Well, a lot of international airlines are starting to weigh carry-ons at check-in (I flew on one this year with a 21 pound limit, it’s true), and if there’s a buck to be made, you know it’s only a matter of time until domestic airlines follow suit.

Today on Amazon, the rollaboard carry-on, the spinner carry-on, and the 25" checked bag are all on sale for the best prices ever, in multiple colors. The carry-ons both weigh less than six pounds, which is remarkable for wheeled luggage, and the checked bag is just over seven, so you’ll have a lot of pounds to play with before you risk an overweight baggage fee.