Transform Your Nintendo Switch Lite With This Woodtone Animal Crossing Skin for $4

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Animal Crossing Woodtone Switch Lite Skin | $4 | Amazon

There are no shortage of ways to customize your Nintendo Switch. Between different joy-con colors, special edition hardware, and third-party skins, you can really add a lot of personality to the portable system. This woodtone Switch Lite skin is perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing option yet though. Officially licensed by Nintendo, this skin is designed for Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans. It features the game’s logo and iconography on top of a gorgeous faux-wood pattern. It sticks on to the system pretty easily and can be taken off and reapplied without leaving residue. Best of all, it’s only $4 at Amazon today, which is a very low price for such a cute curiosity. Give it a try if you want to give your Switch Lite new life.