Track Your Baby’s Wellness With Eufy’s Smart Sock

Like a baby monitor, but ... smarter. And cozier for them.

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Eufy Smart Sock | $198 | 40% Off | Eufy
Eufy Smart Sock | $198 | 40% Off | Eufy
Graphic: Erin O’Brien

Eufy Smart Sock | $198 | 40% Off | Eufy | Promo Code: eufybabyBTC

It is a truth universally acknowledged that new parents worry. It’s normal: you brought a new human into the world, and you’re gonna keep an eye on their every move. If a small camera is just not enough for you, Eufy’s Smart Sock might one-up the traditional baby monitor. This sock slips over the baby’s foot, and keeps track of their sleep data including movement and heart rate. You can set up notifications on the Eufy app to know when your baby is awake. And with 2K clarity and night vision, every moment is captured in stunning detail. It’s not just a baby monitor: it’s a whole lot of information on your little one.