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Watch Dogs 2 represents a dramatic improvement over the original, and Amazon’s marked it down to $30 today on both PS4 and Xbox One, the lowest price its ever been. But it’s a Gold Box, which means you’d better hack it now before it’s gone.

Let’s be honest here, thin fabric koozies are mostly useful for decoration; they don’t really keep a can cold for very long. This imposing metal Thermos contraption though? It’s the real deal.

Thermos’s stainless steel can insulator uses vacuum insulation and thick walls to actually provide a barrier between your beverage and the outside world. They go so far as to claim that it will keep a can cold for up to 3 hours, and even if that’s a little bit of marketing hyperbole, what could possibly be in that can that takes more than an hour to drink?

Even during the winter months, it has the added benefit of protecting your bare skin from cold, damp cans, so you can use it all year round.

Nearly 2,000 Amazon reviewers have given the Thermos a 4.5 star review average, and you can get one (or more!) for just $8 right now. Bottom’s up!

Update 2: Gone at Amazon but still there at Target.

Update: Back live on Amazon.

The new Nintendo Switch will be out on March 3, and if the great NES Classic famine of 2016 was any indication, you’re going to want to preorder to have any chance of getting one on launch day.

It’s been selling out everywhere since early this morning, but Target still has preorders available for the console, as well as accessories and a few games.

Plus, check out the list down at the bottom for all the pre-orders still available on Amazon, including charging grips, Fifa, Skyrim and more.

Just because your new phone charges over USB-C doesn’t mean you have to throw away all of your old microUSB cables. With a 2-pack of USB-C to microUSB adapters, it’s cheap and easy to convert them on demand. You’ll also get a bonus USB-C to USB-A female adapter, just for kicks.

This pocket-sized USB battery pack from Jackery won’t win any price-per-mAh awards, but it basically the thinnest battery pack we’ve ever seen.

The $15 Jackery Pop Slim is barely thicker than your smartphone, despite packing in enough juice to give any phone a full charge. Just be sure to note the promo code below.

Sperry is marking down all their sale styles an extra 20% off when you use the code DEEPDIVE. Tons of cold weather styles are marked down, with their classic boat shoes and loafers hanging around too. Listen, the best time to stock up on seasonal staples is during the off-season, so don’t even think about rolling your eyes at the thought of ordering loafers.

Update: Sold out.

Be the envy of your D&D game night with this giant bag of gaming dice. $12 gets you a multitude of options, from 4-sided up to 20-sided, in seven different colors.

This 350VA/200W APC UPS battery backup won’t be able to keep your gaming PC running at full throttle during a power outage, but it can provide a little extra juice to a NAS, external hard drives, or even your home networking gear, at least until you can get everything powered down safely.

You might not need to use a Dremel all that often, but it’s one of those things everyone should keep in their tool box, if only for sanding wood and engraving things. And today, Amazon’s discounting the Dremel 8050 Micro Rotary tool kit to an all-time low $63.

Of course, the kit comes with a standard, battery powered 2-speed Dremel rotary tool, but it also boasts an 18-piece accessory kit to cut, sand, grind, clean, carve, and more.

If your new phone or laptop charges over USB-C, Aukey has a couple of chargers on sale for you today.

The $13 car charger includes an extra Quick Charge 3.0 port, so no matter what phone you’re using, you’ll be sure to get the fastest charging speed available.

Meanwhile, the $20 wall charger supports USB-C power delivery with up to 29W of throughput, which happens to be exactly as much as Apple’s 12" MacBook supports. Plus, it ships with a special adapter that transforms that single USB-C port into a pair of 2.4A standard USB ports for your other devices.

This neck massager may look like a torture device, but let me tell you. I have a similar one from a different brand and it’s fantastic. The weird arm things help you regular the pressure of the massager and it also heats up. It’s like the best straight jacket you’ve ever worn.

An endless supply of chips and cookies in my pantry is a dream, and it looks like Amazon wants to make that a reality. Use Subscribe & Save (you can always cancel) and grab massive variety packs on Frito-Lay products for 20% off. There are tons to choose from like Cheetos, Doritos, Sun Chips, Stacy’s and more.

Eneloops are the best rechargeable batteries, and since you can never have enough of them, here’s a dozen AAs for $31, the best price since November.

Before you go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a DJI Phantom, you can learn the basics of flying a quadcopter with this $24 toy drone from Aukey. Trust me, if you can fly this thing, you can fly a GPS-equipped, gyro-stabilized camera rig. And if not, well, it’s not like crashing it will be that big a deal.

Want a camera? Here’s a somewhat larger option for $72.

Pizza stones let you make crispier pizza (and other foods) in a standard oven, which can’t get nearly as hot as a true pizza oven, and a great one is on sale today on Amazon.

Pizzacraft’s 16.5" stone has never been cheaper, and it makes a great gift for anyone that enjoys making their own pies at home.

All of a sudden, it’s 2017 and the Super Bowl is a few weeks away. If you don’t have cable, but are looking for a cheap and easy alternative to streaming the game, how about this $24 amplified antenna?

If you’ve tried an unamplified HDTV antenna (like the standard Mohu Leaf), but can’t quite pull in every channel you want, this leaf-style model includes a USB-powered amp that should add a few miles of range. We’ve seen less expensive amplified antennas in the past, but none with over 3,600 mostly positive reviews.

Your home theater will sound hollow without a decent subwoofer, and you won’t find a better value than this 300W Klipsch Synergy for $200. That’s $100 less than the current price on Amazon, where it carries a 4.7 star rating on nearly 500 reviews. I apologize in advance to your neighbors.

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away is your favorite affordable vacuum cleaner, but it’s the step-up Professional model that’s on sale today for $140. Compared to the standard Lift-Away, the Professional includes a longer power cord and a microfiber dusting attachment; it doesn’t suck, is what I’m saying, except in the ways it should. Today’s price is one of the best we’ve seen, and roughly $60 less than usual.

Fitbit’s Alta is one of the first fitness trackers that actually looks nice on your wrist, owing largely to its fashionable interchangeable bands, and you can pick one up on Groupon for $90 brand new right now. That’s $5 more than it was on Black Friday, but otherwise, it’s the best deal we’ve seen.

My car battery doesn’t even last three years, so I can’t begin to imagine how this Logitech mouse can survive for that long. This is a match for the best price we’ve ever seen on the Marathon Mouse, so I’d sprint over to Amazon to order one, if I were you.

Our readers bought a lot of Instant Pot pressure cookers last year, but this Power Pressure Cooker XL also has solid reviews, and at $75 for 8 quarts, it’s far less expensive than the largest Instant Pot.

Pressure cookers are great for anyone that wants to make delicious food quickly (who wouldn’t?), and this model can also act as a slow cooker, rice cooker, and more.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member (and are financially responsible to a sufficient degree), there’s no reason not to have the new Amazon Prime Rewards credit card in your wallet.

The card gets you 1% cash back on all purchases, 2% at restaurants, gas stations, and drug stores, and most notably, a whopping 5% back on all purchases for Prime members. You won’t find a credit card that saves you more on Amazon, so if it’s your online store of choice, this is money in your pocket.

While the card isn’t going anywhere, the introductory $70 gift card offer likely will be. Amazon occasionally offers higher than usual sign-up bonuses on credit cards, and this appears to be one of those times (though Amazon isn’t completely clear on that point). All you have to do is sign up for the card, and you’ll have $70 loaded onto your Amazon account immediately after approval.

We love USB battery packs, and we love Bluetooth speakers, so you can only imagine how we feel about the splash-proof JBL Charge 2+, which combines both into a single product. Today only, you can pick one up for an all-time low $80 in several different colors. It even includes a social mode that lets you connect up to three Bluetooth devices at once, and take turns playing songs.

Dry shampoo has become a necessity these days (when used sparingly). Grab a 3-pack of Batiste, your favorite dry shampoo, for only $16 when clip the $1 off coupon and sign up for Subscribe & Save (you can always cancel) and make sure you never have greasy roots again.

And if you need some that one show up white at your roots, the Blonde and Brown 3-packs are $19.

Don’t put up replacing those boots you’ve gotten resoled one too many times any longer. DSW is giving you up to 65% off literally thousands of boots in basically any style you could think of. Even if you don’t need boots, it’s worth look. You never know what you’ll find (and navigating the store IRL is just a huge pain).

These days, you probably charge as many things over USB as you do over standard AC outlets, so it only makes sense to add some semi-permanent USB ports to your home.

Today on Amazon, you can get highly-rated duplex receptacles with a pair of USB ports for $16 each, one of the best prices we’ve seen. These have proven very popular with readers in the past, even at higher prices, so be sure to secure a few before Amazon sells out.

You know the little charging brick that came with your phone? Throw it out, and spend $6 on this replacement from Aukey (with code AUKPAU22). It’s basically the same size as Apple’s standard iPhone charger, but it includes two ports, folding prongs, and 2.4A of current (instead of 1A) to charge your devices faster.

Rain-X’s water repellency wiper blades don’t just push water off your windshield; they actively coat it with a water repelling formula that lasts for months. For a limited time, Amazon’s taking 15% off every size blade that they sell, with the discount shown at checkout.

Note: If you aren’t seeing the discount, make sure the listing is shipped and sold by directly, not a third party seller.

Anker’s SoundCore is your favorite Bluetooth speaker, but if you need something a little more portable, they don’t get much smaller than the SoundCore nano.

With a sole 3W driver and only four hours of battery life, the nano’s not going to blow you away, but it looks fantastic, and it’ll get the job done for quick listening sessions on the go.

The Humble Monthly subscription plan delivers you a selection of new games (to keep!) every month, gives you 10% off everything in the Humble Store, and donates 5% of each month’s proceeds to charity, but if all that wasn’t enough to get you to sign up, how about a copy of XCOM 2?

For a limited time, if you sign up for any subscription plan, you’ll get immediate access to one of 2016's best strategy games, and it’s yours to keep even if you cancel your membership. Month-to-month subscriptions cost $12, and can be cancelled any time, but you can save more if you pre-pay for longer periods.

Final Fantasy XV was worth the wait, and if you missed out on the December holiday discounts, Amazon’s marked it back down to $40. Other than a one-day $35 Gold Box deal, that’s the best price we’ve seen.

You know those cinematic time lapses where the camera slowly pans as the action speeds along? Now you can make them yourself for just $10. The Veho Muvi X-Lapse works with just about any compact camera, action cam, or smartphone, and can mount on top of a tripod for more control over your shot. Here’s a sample video to give you an idea of what you can pull off with this thing.

We posted a lot of ~$30 deals on Christmas laser lights over the holidays, but if you buy one now from Amazon, you can save even more. Obviously, it’ll be sitting in storage for most of the year, but this is still a great chance to save a few bucks by planning ahead.

Finally, someone made the Glow Bowl, but for everywhere else in your home. This motion-sensing light strip is billed as an under-bed night light, but you could just as easily attach it under your bathroom counter, along a railing, beneath your baby’s crib, or anywhere else you might need to venture in the middle of the night. For a limited time, you can get one for just $18 with code SJMFQK08, an all-time low by $2.

Wondering why Scarlett Johansson is wearing this terrible wig? Find out with the 25th anniversary Ghost in the Shell Blu-ray, now down to an all-time low $8.

Between shedding fur on your seats and a seemingly physiological need to jump into the front seat while you’re passing an 18-wheeler on the freeway, it’s no secret that a lot of dogs don’t do particularly well in the car. So, if you’re planning on taking your dog to your parents’ house for the holidays, this hammock seat cover from AmazonBasics can help keep your backseat fur and slobber-free.

The cover hooks into the headrests on both the front and back seats, creating a kind of loosely enclosed room that will keep your dog safely in the backseat, and her fur a layer removed from your upholstery.

Aquaphor has been around forever and for good reason. This stuff works like magic on dry skin, especially come wintertime. I always have some around for tattoo aftercare, but also grab for it when my hands hurt from forgetting my gloves. Clip the coupon, sign up for Subscribe & Save (you can always cancel) and save 20% on this 14oz jar.

Epic All Natural snack bars are made largely from meat, because America, and Amazon’s offering a nice $4 coupon on various 12-count boxes today. Beef, turkey, bacon? I’m not sure how anyone could choose. Just add your favorite flavor to your carts, and you’ll see the $4 discount at checkout.

Cold brew coffee might not sound appealing in the winter, but that’s only if you conflate it with iced coffee, which is not the same thing. Cold brew is just a steeping process that results in less acidity, among other benefits, and you can enjoy it hot or cold all year ‘round. If you want to give it a shot, the Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker is the easiest way to get started, and it’s only $18 today.

This non-coffee drinker bought one of these last year, and I’m absolutely in love with it. All you have to do is fill the basket with ground coffee, fill the container with water, and let it steep overnight in the fridge. The resulting coffee concentrate needs to be watered down, so one batch should last you several days.

Amazon’s listed slightly lower prices on a few occasions, but $18 is still several dollars less than its usual going rate. This was one of our 16 most popular products of 2016, so if you still haven’t tried one out, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon.

This is (I hope) going to be the most boring deal I write about today, but hey, life is kind of boring, and everyone needs to hang up pants.



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