Today's Best Deals: Sweater Sale, Logitech Harmony, $60 Wi-Fi Security Cam, and More

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Now that it’s actually cold outside, Amazon’s offering great deals on dozens of sweaters and cardigans for men and women, today only. You’ll find styles from several different brands in this Gold Box deal, but the most popular ones could sell out early, so don’t waste any time getting bundled up. [Amazon Sweater Sale]

Anker, purveyor of your favorite charging gear, also makes a Wi-Fi security camera and a desk lamp, and they’re both on sale today.

The AnkerCam streams to your smartphone, tablet, or computer in 720p, and even lets you talk to the person (or pet) on the other end. It’s well reviewed at $100, but today, you can get it for $60, with no subscription fees required. [AnkerCam HD Wi-Fi Security Camera, $60 with code FQJ4OJKE]

The Anker Lumos desk lamp features multiple dimming levels, flicker-free LED bulbs to help with eyestrain, and an infinitely-adjustable design. There are lamps out there with more features, but this is a fantastic price. [Anker Lumos Desk Lamp, $26 with code JKCOICF6]

This Moga Bluetooth game controller is compatible with hundreds of popular Android games, and even if you don’t think you’d use it that often, it might be worth checking out at $8. [MOGA Mobile Gaming System for Android, $8]

If you missed out on last week’s $60 2DS sale (which is still available, by the way), you can get one for $85 today, but with a copy of Mario Kart 7 included. Chances are, you were going to buy that game anyway, so the deals are basically a wash. [Nintendo 2DS + Mario Kart 7, $85]

If you were planning on getting a little more exercise in 2016, this Lifecore Fitness Assault exercise bike offers unlimited resistance and fantastic reviews, and Amazon’s taking $300 off its usual price, today only. [Lifecore Fitness Assault Bike Trainer, $700]

Hey, remember when Apple came out with a $100 iPhone battery case? That was fun, eh? [Lenmar iPhone 6/6s Battery Case, $20 with code SDLENBC6]

Steaming your clothes might not get them as crisp as ironing, but it does a decent enough job in a fraction of the time, and for $15, why not? [Pure Enrichment PureSteam Fabric Steamer, $15 with code STEAMR15]

Burt’s Bees is your favorite lip balm by a wide margin, and you can save 15% on your resupply today on Amazon.

This coupon is only available when you purchase through Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program, but you can always cancel after your first package is delivered. Also, your discount won’t appear until checkout. [Extra 15% off Burt’s Bees Lip Balm]

You know those giant photos of stadiums and landscapes that let you zoom wayyyy in? They were probably made with Gigapan’s gigapixel camera mount and accompanying software, and you can get your own for under $600, today only. Note: DSLR not included, obviously. [GigaPan EPIC Pro Robotic Camera Mount, $595]

Go check out some sample images if you want an idea of what this thing is capable of.

Update: Sold out, but available for a few bucks more on Amazon.

If you can’t keep up with all of your remotes, this popular Logitech Harmony 700 can control eight of your favorite devices (from a database of 270,000) for just $60. [Logitech Harmony 700, $60]

If you can’t afford an Oculus Rift and a computer to run it, this Google Cardboard-compatible View-Master headset only requires your phone, and can be yours for just $20. [Viewmaster VR With Google Cardboard Support, $20]

I can never seem to keep my salt and pepper shakers in the same place, so building both into one device definitely seems appealing. Plus, you can adjust the coarseness of the grind on both ends. Not bad for $8. [Ohuhu [2 in 1] Salt and Pepper Grinder Set, $8 with code 3I98VFW6]

I’m an unabashed fanboy of Nomad products, and you can save over $100 on a gift set of three today, courtesy of Best Buy.

  • Nomad Key - A tiny Lightning cable that fits on your keychain. (Normally sells for $25)
  • Nomad Roadtrip - A dual-port (one USB-A and one USB-C) car charger with a 3,000mAh rechargeable battery built in. (Normally sells for $60)
  • Nomad Wallet - A genuine saffiano leather wallet with an unobtrusive 2400mAh battery and Lightning cable built in. (Normally sells for $100)

Needless to say, with these tools at your disposal, you’ll be like some kind of USB charging mystic. [Nomad Holiday Gift Set, $80]

If you’ve ever been curious just how much power your various appliances and electronics are using, Belkin’s WeMo Insight Switch can monitor your energy usage, and even turn devices on or off from anywhere in the world.

Functionally, the Insight Switch is no different than a standard Belkin WeMo switch. Just plug one in between a wall outlet and the device of your choice, and you’ll be able to turn it on or off from your smartphone or Amazon Echo, and even create automatic schedules. The difference is that the Insight will monitor your device’s energy use, and even calculate its monthly cost on your power bill. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that the Insight will completely pay for itself, but it can certainly make you more mindful of what goes into your monthly bill.

Amazon will sell you an Insight for just $40 today, which is within a few cents of an all-time low, and actually $20 less than the standard WeMo Switch. We aren’t sure how long this deal will last though, so lock in your order, and start saving power. [Belkin WeMo Insight Switch, $40]

There are few things worse than a cord falling behind your desk, so $6 for a 6-pack of self-adhesive cable holders seems like a no-brainer. [Attmu Cable Organizer, Set of 6, $6 with code CI3PBEU7]

If you like going for runs with your dog, but want to keep your hands free, this cheap running belt has a leash built right in. Genius! [Homdox Running Belt With Built-In Handsfree Dog Leash, $13 with code ZKINB3CM]

Now that you’ve seen The Force Awakens, you can relive either of the original trilogies for $35 on Blu-ray.

Star Wars Trilogy Episodes IV-VI ($35) | Amazon

Star Wars Trilogy Episodes I-III ($35) | Amazon

You can’t control these power outlets with your smartphone, or tie them to IFTTT recipes like the Belkin WeMo line, but they sell for a tiny fraction of the cost of their smarter brethren, and can be controlled from across the room via the included remotes. It’s only a half-measure towards creating a smart home, to be sure, but they might be worth a look at the price. [5-Pack Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch, $21 with code DEALBIGG]

Five terabytes for $110. What a world. [WD - My Book 5TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive, $110]

If you’re a fan of fighting games, this specialized PS4/PS3 controller is designed specifically for you. And at $30, it’s never been cheaper. [HORI Fighting Commander 4 Controller for PlayStation 4/3, $30]





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