Today's Best Deals: Your Favorite Headphones, 4K TV, and a Lot More

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We've found great deals on everything from headphones to ice molds today, so let us know what you bought in the comments.

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Chances are, you still have a few older media players or speaker systems lying around that don't have Bluetooth built-in. Instead of junking them, upgrade them with these cheap adapters.

Note that the $15 adapter is a receiver (for, say, an old iHome), and the $30 one is a transmitter (for an old MP3 player, for example).

That's no's an ice cube. You might have seen these big, slow-melting ice balls at your favorite fancy cocktail bar, and now you can make them at home, except with a disintegrating laser. [Kotobukiya Star Wars: Death Star Silicone Ice Mold, $6]

If you like the idea of ice ball molds, but prefer your drinks without any sci-fi references, we recommend the Tovolo Sphere Ice Ball Molds. They're not discounted today, but they're a great value at $11 for a set of two.

At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers really are...magical. If you need some for your spring cleaning, Amazon will sell you 4 today for just $2. Note that they'reheavily backordered right now, and have a high sellout risk. [Mr. Clean Magic Eraser 4-Pack, $2 after $1 coupon]

Update: Sold out, but check out the generic alternative below.

If they do sell out, or you just want more than four, you can also get generic versions for really cheap. [30 Melamine Sponges, $13]

By now, you're probably aware that Audio-Technica's ATH-M50x headphones are ridiculously popular, but even on sale, they still cost well over $100. If that's a little rich for your blood, you can opt for a set of the lower-end ATH-M30x for just $55 today, after a 20% off promo code.[Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, $55 with code 30XPROMO]

Note: The promo code will only work if you choose "Amazing Deals Online" as your Amazon seller.

The same seller is offering a deal on the ATH-M50x as well, though it's not quite as good as theone we saw over the weekend. [Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, $129 with code 50XPROMO]

If you're ready to experience the wonderful world of 4K, Amazon's selling a 40" 4K LG TV for just $499, today only. That's one of the best prices we've ever seen on a 60Hz 4K set. As for content, its built-in Netflix app will stream 4K where available, so that should get you started. [LG Electronics 40-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV, $499]

If you don't think you need 4K just yet, and want a bigger TV, Woot has three refurbished options today available at $100 increments.

If you haven't given universal remotes much thought in recent years, you'd be forgiven for not realizing that this is a Logitech Harmony. After all, where's the screen?

Well, the screen is on your smartphone, and it's far more capable than anything that could be built into a remote. The Logitech Harmony Home Control connects your phone (in addition to the included remote) to everything in your home theater, as well as smart home appliances like Philips Hue lights and the Nest thermostat. Today's $117 price is well below its normal $150, and within a few bucks of an all-time low. [Logitech Harmony Home Control, $117]

You might not have heard of KMASHI before, but their well-reviewed 10,000mAh external USB charger is back down to $13 today. That's one of the best price-per-mAh deals we've seen. [KMASHI 10000mAh 2.1Amp+1Amp Output Dual USB Portable Battery Pack, $13]

The Panasonic Arc3 ($60 today) and Arc4 ($85 today) were two of your top five best electric razor contenders, and they're both on sale. The numbers in the name refer to the number of blades. For the Arc4 be sure to clip the digital coupon.

More About Shaving:

The Samsung 850 EVO is the excellent successor to your previous favorite SSD, and the 500GB capacity is down to $180 on Amazon, the lowest price they've ever listed. If you still own a PC with a spinning hard drive, this is absolutely the best upgrade you can get for it. [Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD, $180]

Let's say you just bought a new SSD for your computer. What are you going to do with your old one? With this $9 enclosure, you can turn it into an external hard drive, no tools required. We've had a few deals on these recently, but they tend to sell out quickly. [Orico Tool-Free 2.5" USB 3.0 HDD/SSD Enclosure, $9 with code ORICO253]

If you suffered through Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs biography a few years back, it seems thatBrent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli's attempt is going to correct a lot of its biggest issues, if Apple savant John Gruber is to be believed. The book comes out next week, and Amazon has just dropped its preorder price to a new low. [Preorder Becoming Steve Jobs (Kindle), $12]

The Carcassonne Android app was free a couple of days ago, and a lot of you seemed pretty excited about that. If you want to experience the game properly though, you'll want to pick up the board game for a new low price. [Carcassonne: New Edition, $26]

Update: Amazon has raised the price to $30. That's not as good as $26, but it's still on the low end of its usual price range.

Two absolutely essential anime movies are only $15 each today.

If you're preparing for any home renovation projects this spring, Amazon's taking $25 off any $100 order of select Hitachi power tools. The deal covers everything from saws to sanders to nail guns, so chances are good you'll find something you need. [$25 off a $100 Hitachi Order]

If you're still rocking the terrible earbuds that came with your phone, it's time to do yourself a favor and upgrade. These Sennheiser headphones come with a mic and inline remote, and sound way better than your EarPods.

Note that the MM30i is for iOS, and the MM30g is for Android. The Android models have been down to $20 for awhile, but the iPhone version has never been this cheap.

No matter how long you've been driving, it's never too late to learn better habits. Automatic is a little Bluetooth dongle that plugs into your car's OBD-II port (found on almost any car made since 1996) and communicates with your smartphone to track driving habits, mileage, and engine problems. Best of all, if you're in an accident, Automatic will automatically alert the authorities and call your family, no subscription required.

Automatic normally goes for $100 around the web, but today you can take a $20 discount. [Automatic Smart Driving Assistant, $80]

Just because your house or apartment doesn't have a doorbell doesn't mean you'll have to rely on knocking like a caveman. This $13 kit has everything you need to install one, no wiring required. You can even choose from 52 different chimes! [iClever HI-925 Smart Wireless Door Bell, $13 with promo code EVEREST8]

Your phone is the best GPS, but if you don't have a good way to mount it to your dash, it can pose a serious hazard. Here are two highly rated options under $10 to get you started today.

If you need a new reading fix, Station 11 is on sale for just $3 on Kindle today. It was one of io9's best science fiction books of 2014, and has great reader reviews as well. Here's what Charlie Jane Anders had to say:

One of the year's most celebrated books, Mandel's novel about a plague apocalypsewas a finalist for the National Book Award and a New York Times bestseller. But beyond the usual questions that a ton of other books about the collapse of civilization tend to ask, Mandel's book focuses on the nature of art and performance, as we follow a group of traveling actors and musicians, performing in the ruins, as we discover the connections between an actor who died at the start of the plague, a paramedic who tried to save him, and the child actress who survived it.

I bought this PetFusion cat scratcher lounge its full $50 price tag three weeks ago. As frustrating as that is for me, I can confirm that it's probably the only thing on earth that my cat actually likes. It's also Amazon's #1-selling "Cat House and Condo," and it basically never goes on sale. [PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge, $42]

This Samsung external drive clocks in at just $25/TB today, which is about as cheap as you'll see storage space these days. [SAMSUNG D3 Station 4TB, $100]





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