Today's Best Deals: Dash Mounts, Drones, Friends, and a Lot More

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We've picked out tons of great stuff for you today, but as always, you can find even more over on Kinja Deals.

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The iOttie One Touch was your favorite smartphone dash mount, but if you want something more minimal from the same company, this magnetic air vent mount is about as small as they come. You just stick a thin magnetic pad to the back of your phone (even under a case), and it'll hold fast to your dashboard without any buttons or clamps.

Today's deal is about $7 less than usual, and the lowest price we've ever seen. [iOttie iTap Magnetic Air Vent Smartphone Mount, $18]

You guys buy boatloads of IR thermometers whenever we post a deal, and it's easy to see why. They're a ton of fun to mess around with, and can come in handy for everything from cooking to home energy savings.

If you still don't own one, you can rectify that for just $12 today. [Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Digital Infrared (IR) Thermometer, $12 with code TEPG5OFF]

A Philips nose, ear, and eyebrow trimmer for $10 would be a great deal in its own right, but Best Buy is throwing in a full grooming kit with it, complete with tweezers, nail clippers, nail scissors, and a carrying case. [ Philips Norelco Nose, Ear and Eyebrow Trimmer Grooming Ki, $10]

You want a drone. Everyone wants a drone. But before you go out and blow $1,000 on a DJI Phantom, you'll want to practice on something a little more...disposable. This cheap quadcopter from UDI is Amazon's #1 seller in hobby RC helicopters, and even includes a low-res camera to practice flying with a first person view. Today's $54 price tag is an all-time low. [UDI U818A 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter with Camera, $54]

Update: This drone does have a camera, but it won't broadcast live like I had thought. Sorry for the confusion.

If you have a BJ's Wholesale in your town, but you've never bothered to join, this might change your mind. You give Groupon $5, and they'll give you a $10 gift card to the store, plus a 60 day membership. Even if you don't renew, that's free money. Note: This is for new members only. [BJ's 60 Day Membership and $10 Gift Card, $5]

Yes, Friends is on Netflix now, but stuff disappears from Netflix all the time. If you want to keep the series forever, this is the best price we've ever seen on the complete Blu-ray, but it's only available today. [Friends: The Complete Series, $80]

This very cheap stainless steel french press will make better coffee than your cheap drip or lazy Keurig, and keep it warm longer too. Or maybe you already have a great pourover style automatic dripper or pourover setup or Aeropress and just want to add a French Press to your arsenal. Either way, this is in impulse buy range. You can use it to make tea too. [Amazon]

More about Coffee and Tea:

Amazon is giving Prime members $10 back on a $50 purchase of select beauty and grooming products, and the selection is good. Use promo code LUXBEAUTY. [Amazon]

Eligible products cover everything from face scrub to flat irons to men's razors. 20% back is already a good deal, but remember that most of these products are already cheaper on Amazon than they'd likely be elsewhere. Some good picks:

But really, we'd much rather hear your recommendations in the comments.

Don't have Prime? Start a free trial here. Don't know why you should have Prime? We have a... primer for that.

Stock up today, and never give Apple $19 for a Lightning cable again. At $7 each, you can afford to have a cable for your bag, your car, your desk, and your nightstand, rather than carrying one back and forth. [ Apple MFi Certified 3.3ft Lightning Cable, $7]

Update: Sold out, but Anker's highly-rated model is only $9.

If you're planning on getting a new Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge when they launch next month, here's a chance to have a case ready to go from day one.

Until 7PM ET, you can get a case for just $3 shipped, which is firmly in impulse buy territory. I have no idea how good these will be, to be completely honest, but they'll probably protect your investment fine for the first few weeks until you settle on a case that you really want.

We've all had to throw away leftovers or cuts of meat and cheese that spent a little too much time in the fridge or freezer, but vacuum sealing your foods can keep them safe from freezer burn pretty much indefinitely, and dramatically extend their shelf life everywhere else.

It sounds like an expensive proposition, but today only, Amazon's selling the well-reviewed FoodSaver Starter Kit for just $60, complete with everything you need to get started. Of course you can use this to store meats in the freezer for a long time, but it can also keep cheese from molding, lettuce from wilting, or cookies from going stale, just to name a few examples. Think about how much food you throw away, and you'll get a sense of just how quickly this purchase could pay for itself. This is a Gold Box deal, so keep in mind that the price is only valid today, or until sold out. [FoodSaver Vacuum Food Sealer & Starter Kit, $60]

Vacuum sealers have been around for a long time, but a new use for them has emerged in recent years: Sous-Vide. A good vacuum sealer is mission-critical equipment if you want to try your hand at my personal favorite method of cooking chicken and steaks, and the FoodSaver would fit the bill perfectly. If that sounds appealing, the excellent Anova Sous-Vide circulator is also on sale today on Amazon, if you're willing to wait out a backorder.

If you need a new central command center for your home theater, this Pioneer receiver is about $50 below its previous low price today. It features 4K passthrough at 60FPS via HDMI 2.0, and can pump 700W of power through your speakers as well. Plus, you can control the entire thing from a smartphone app. [Pioneer 700W 5.2Ch. Home Theater Receiver, $250]

Typing of the Dead: Overkill isn't just fun: It'll make you a better typist too. I'd say you could write it off as a business expense. This copy unlocks on Steam. [The Typing of the Dead: Overkill, $5]

Say you're an occasional PC gamer. You don't want to spend $60 on a top-tier mouse, but you want something decent for the occasional play session. This iClever IC-M1 is only $16 with a promo code, but still comes with adjustable DPI up to 3200, 6-color custom backlighting, and nine programmable buttons. That's a ton of features for the price. [iClever IC-M1 Gaming Mouse, $16 with code BETTER25]

Unfortunately, you have to keep your house stocked with cleaning supplies, but the least you can do is save money on them.

Today at Target, if you can get $10 off any $40 purchase of select household essentials, including laundry detergent, toilet wands, disinfecting wipes, dishwasher soap, and more. You shouldn't have any trouble finding $40 worth of stuff that you'll eventually use no matter what, so this is a great chance to save. [$1o off $40 in Select Household Essentials]

If you ever stumble around your house at night looking for the light switch, do yourself a favor and pick up a few of these handy motion-sensing LED night lights today.

I have a couple of these around the house, and they're incredibly convenient. While their adhesive pads allow them to go anywhere, I'd start with the baseboards of your bedroom, inside dim closets, or in the hallway between your bedroom and the bathroom. They'll light up automatically when you move within 10 feet of them, and shut themselves off once you're gone.

Today on Amazon, you can get two for $20, which is nearly a BOGO deal.

OxyLED is running a similar promotion on a couple of outdoor security lights as well. The concept is the same, but since they're solar powered, you won't even need to worry about batteries.

The humble and inexpensive cast iron skillet is one of most important pieces of cooking gear you can own, and Lodge's highly-rated 10" model is only $15 today. If you don't own one, you should have no hesitation. [Lodge LCS3 Pre-Seasoned 10-inch Cast-Iron Chef's Skillet, $15]

Buried under the news of Apple's razor-thin new MacBook was a small update to the existing MacBook Air line and the 13" MacBook Pro. If you don't care about the minor spec bumps (or the new trackpad in the case of the Pro), you can get great deals on the previous generation models today from Best Buy, with an extra $50 discount if you can provide them with a .edu email address.

If you can't get the student discount, Amazon has the same deals running on the Airs as well.

Yesterday, we posted a deal on a receiver that could add Bluetooth streaming to your old audio systems for just $9. That deal is still available (with code 4WK8549F), but if you want to spend a few more bucks, this model from Aukey includes a built-in battery so you can unhook from the wall for several hours at a time. You could even use it to turn your favorite pair of headphones into Bluetooth headphones. [Aukey Portable Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Receiver, $15 with code L3F3T3CD]

If you just want some inexpensive Bluetooth earbuds, it's tough to beat the Soundpeats Qy7s, which are $30 right now.

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