This Lightning Cable Can Charge Your iPhone Even When It's Not Plugged Into Anything

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Nomad Lightning Battery Cable | $25 + $5 Shipping | Huckberry
Nomad Lightning Battery Cable | $25 + $5 Shipping | Huckberry
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Like a snake that just ate an oversized rat, this Lightning cable from Nomad has a hump in the middle, and that hump is a 2800mAh battery.

That means if you use this as your primary on-the-go charging cable for your phone, you won’t just be charging your phone when you use it; you’ll also be charging the battery. And so when it comes time to leave the safety and comfort of your power outlet, the cable can still juice up your phone all on its own.

2800mAh should be just about enough for a full charge on a non-Max or Plus-sized iPhone, and unlike most battery packs, you won’t have to remember to bring a cable to use with it.

Get it for $25 + $5 shipping from Huckberry while it lasts, down from the usual $50.